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How to Safe FB From Facebook Password Hacker

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How to Safe FB From Facebook Password Hacker - Hallo sahabat, Pada pada artikel kali ini yang berjudul How to Safe FB From Facebook Password Hacker , saya akan membagikan sedikit tips, trik dan info sedikit yang berkenaan dengan How to Safe FB From Facebook Password Hacker, baiklah silahkan membaca / mendownload artikel di bawah ini :

From Few Months, I saw many Facebook account was attacked by somebody, he/she didn’t absolutely hacked the account, however somehow managed to place it on recovery mode. once I logged into Facebook successive day, Facebook asked ME for a few verification and that i was able to get the account back to traditional and that i took some further steps to secure the account from any future attacks. I’ll share many easy tips with you so as to guard your Facebook account from From Facebook Password Hacker.

Why can we got to defend Our Account?
Hackers have terribly less probability to hurt you financially by compromising your Facebook account (If you’re not mistreatment any paid services from Facebook like Facebook Ads). however as you recognize, all folks have terribly personal information and emotions on Facebook i.e messages, chats, mobile no, email address, pages, teams and far additional info we’ve on Facebook, hacker can get access to it info and might probably injury your name by posting one thing against your temperament. altogether cases, we should always defend our account from being compromised.

Basic Security Tips for Facebook Account
There are some basic items you would like to try and do so as to stay your account aloof from hackers, and these basic steps ar obligatory for each new and existing account on Facebook, these basic security measures can secure your account from a baby hacker United Nations agency is simply attempting to try and do one thing for fun.

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1) Use a powerful Pasword

The first issue you would like to secure your account is to pick out a powerful Password that should contains lower and capital letters still as numbers and special characters. Don’t use the easy passwords like punjab123, sweetdoll065 so on. Use a powerful Password like (%&rockyTTMembers),

2) Add Your Mobile variety

To make positive you get access back to your account if one thing goes wrong, you need to add your mobile variety to your Facebook account and verify it. after you have mobile variety hooked up together with your FB account, you’ll forever get associate degree SMS from Facebook in step with matters. so as to feature your mobile variety, please move to Setting and so on the left facet you’ll see mobile, click that and add your mobile variety.

3) Don’t Open Facebook on all Computers

Try to solely use one device for gap your Facebook account, if you open your account all over then it will be hacked simply as a result of your SESSION is activated thereon computer’s IP address. However, you’ll use any pc that you think that is trusty, and ne’er save your watchword or login details on somebody else’s pc.

4) Don’t Click Spam Links

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This is one among the most important issues I’ve seen, most of the new users United Nations agency don’t skills the net works, they click on spam links in Facebook messages that ar sent to them by some well-known users. These links probably have phishing computer code and scripts, that in real time get access to your Facebook watchword and email. thus 1st rigorously watch the links and solely click links that ar clear and visual.

5) Mistreatment personal Browsing choices

This is a little tip, if you activate personal browsing in Mozila Firefox, it’ll defend you from harmful attacks. And you’ll do the similar in Chrome by gap your Facebook account in an exceedingly “new concealed window” and zip are saved within the browser, I mean the browser won’t save your information, thus you’re safe and sound.

Advanced Tips for Facebook Security
Now here is that the actual magic, if you would like to extremely secure your Facebook account from the highest level hackers then you ought to apply these advanced security tips. Facebook has done lots for you so as to safeguard your information from hackers, and you simply got to activate some default security measures that Facebook offers you. Please follow the steps below.

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Login to your Facebook account, and on the highest of your account wherever you click on logout from Facebook, click that arrow and click on the setting as showing within the image below:

On the next page, you will need to select the security option:

Presently on this above page, you can actuate all the essential security highlights with a specific end goal to completely secure your record for lifetime, you can use the greatest number of alternatives as you can, however ensure you comprehend the choice before utilizing it. Be that as it may, I’ll propose you to in any event actuate the Login Alerts, Login Approvals and Trusted Contacts. These 3 alternatives are must to actuate for cutting edge security of your FB account. I have shown the vital choices beneath in the screen shot, and you can add 3 to 5 trusted individuals in the “Trusted Contacts” list.

The Trusted Contacts are those individuals who’ll help you on the off chance that you ever lose access to your record, you ought to include your dearest companions or relatives to this rundown. It would be ideal if you remember that these elements will ensure the security of your Facebook account, I have enacted all of them myself and it’s prescribed to you to. Good fortunes!

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